Our suppliers make us who we are. We’re very proud to work with the creators, farmers and roasters below.

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Allpress Espresso is a New Zealand roastery with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

We’re proud to serve their Allpress Espresso Blend in all our cafes. Comprised of Brazilian, Guatemalan, Colombian and Sumatran beans, it’s the core of their offering and is roasted in Dalston, east London. Look out for big flavours of milk chocolate, smooth caramel and a light acidity to finish. We think it’s great.

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Award winning dairy Fen Farm are based in Bungay, just up the road from us. They’ve been pioneering the raw milk movement for three generations and we use their buttermilk in our delicious soda bread.

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Our Aldeburgh neighbours, Salter & King Butchers, take a slow grown nose to tail approach to their meat. Focusing on traditional-breed, seasonal and pasture-fed organic and free-range meat, they’ve been trading for more than a decade in Suffolk. Try our breakfast brioche for a taste of what they do.


Happy and healthy hens lay good eggs. The Low Farm Hens in Huntingfield provide us with beautiful blue and brown eggs, which we think are perfect for our dippy eggs. These hens have day long access to acres of space to dust bathe, forage and wander, just as they would in the wild. 


We chose ‘We are tea” because the quality and flavour of their tea is outstanding - after enjoying a cup it’s not unusual for our customers to want to know who makes it! Founded in 2006, inspired by a trip to Budapest, We Are Tea have been making high quality tea ever since. Using whole leaf and nothing but, they focus on sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging and ethical sourcing. 


We’ve worked closely with George and Hannah Marriage since the start of Two Magpies. Their quality, consistency and flavour are matched only by the personal care they provide to all their customers. Their speciality flours include stoneground wholemeal flour traditionally milled on horizontal French Burr stones. They select the best possible grains for consistent quality, sourcing wheat from local Essex farmers where possible, including family farms near Chelmer Mills.


We don’t economise on flavour or quality in the bakery, and we never use synthetic essences. Providing our pure Madagascan vanilla paste, Little Pod are an award winning supplier of the highest quality vanilla available. It’s literally worth its weight in silver these days. 


Over the years we’ve featured Adnams beer in many of our products - we love the depth of flavour in brings to bread and cakes! Currently you’ll find it adding malty notes to our chocolate stout cake and our Broadside bread pudding.