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We incorporate sourdough culture into all of our breads for a bigger flavour, a chewy texture and a healthier gut. Our sourdough culture was a gift from a friend, and reportedly began its 200 year old life in San Francisco.

We have won ‘World Bread Award’ acclaim for many of our breads including our ‘Olive oil ciabatta’, ‘Raisin and Rosemary” and consider ourselves evangelical supporters of the Real Bread Campaign.

You’ll always find our core bread offerings at all of our sites:

  • Magpie Sourdough: (White, wholemeal & rye flours, long fermented)

  • Southwold Granary sourdough (White flour with oats, malted wheat flakes, whole grains, sesame and poppy seeds)  

  • Ciabatta (Made with olive oil, rye & wholemeal flour - great taste and open structure)

  • Frame Loaves: white and wholemeal (long fermented yeasted with sourdough culture -baked in an oak frame)

  • 100% rye sourdough (with rye flakes, caraway & coriander)

  • 30% rye sourdough (white and rye flours, long fermented)

  • Six seeded Wholemeal (long fermented yeasted with sourdough culture and poppy, pumpkin, linseed, sesame, millet and sunflower seeds)

  • Fen Farm dairy Soda bread (an unyeasted bread, with oats & honey)

We’re always experimenting so look out for our seasonal specials: currently on the shelves are “Smoky cheese & sweet potato’, Sour cherry and Walnut”, ‘Chilli & cheddar”, Fruit and fennel” and ‘Wild garlic ciabatta’

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All our morning pastries are hand laminated by our team of bakers fresh every day, using premium cultured butter from our multi-award winning local dairy “Fen Farm”.

You’ll always find delicious ‘Croissant’s’, ‘Pain au Chocolat’ and ‘Cinnamon Swirls.’

On the weekends there’s always a seasonal fruit Danish available as well as doughnuts, cruffins and our famous almond croissants.


We’re not even going to try and tell you all the treats you can buy in our shops – there’s too many to even begin! What we can tell you is what we like; premium Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit, bright citrus and fragrant spices. Here’s some of our customers favourites that you’ll always find:

  • Rosewater & pistachio meringues

  • Adnams Broadside bread pudding

  • Portuguese custard tarts

  • Salted caramel brownies

  • Fresh berry friands (gf)

  • Spiced chocolate cookies (v)

We believe that good butter, natural flavours and starting from scratch will always produce a cake worth eating. We’ll let you pick which one you start with.